Infrastructure Management (IM) is essential for any organization's IT functions today. IM involves managing its fundamental operation components such as policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts, for overall effectiveness.

Infrastructure Management seeks to reduce the duplication of effort, ensures adherence of standards, enhances the information flow, promotes adaptability in a changing environment and ensures interoperability.

Datacenter Build

The Datacentre industry uses a vast amount of energy, as this involve enormous facilities operating 24x7 all through the year. Due to a mammoth consumption of power, this service requires a good sustainability. This will not only improve the datacentre efficiency, but also will help lower your company's carbon footprint.


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Change is the key driving factor for the latest technological advancements in the organizations today. Network and communication infrastructure in the present day is the foundation of any business success.


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Syndrome provides an extensive portfolio of Collaboration services to ease and increase deployment speed, align your technology decisions with business requirements, manage costs, and identify and resolve issues.


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Syndrome's compute services offer comprehensive solutions to align compute infrastructure to your business objectives. Our solutions focus on innovation through automation and solution accelerators. This helps organizations to leverage new technologies for greater flexibility and efficiency.


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Desktop and Cloud Virtualization solutions by Syndrome enables you to reduce your business risks, accelerate cloud development and build a secure foundation with a workload portability with Docker and Containers.


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Managed Services

Syndrome offers integrated managed services for Infrastructure Management, Application Management, Security Operations and Cloud Operations. Our Managed services helps you to improve service and portfolio resilience, reduce operational costs and align IT operations with business performance.


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Software Licensing services at Syndrome provides you with the right to one or more copies of software without actually violating its copyrights. Licensing also defines the responsibilities of the agreement parties and may also apply conditions on the software use.


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Security is the foremost requirement of any network environment today. Many firewalls today can do little against the risks posed by today's advanced attacks.


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