NOC (or Network Operations Centre) Management involves efficiently maintaining and operating the IT infrastructure of any successful business today. The IT maintenance and operations are directly related to cost, which is a decisive factor in IT-related business decisions.

With the geographical expansion of IT assets, monitoring and managing the infrastructure 24*7 within the limited resources, and delivering an efficient performance is a big challenge.

The typical challenges faced involve:

  • Limited Budget for skilled manpower for 24*7 operations to have real-timevisibilityand awareness
  • Operations hardware infrastructure cost
  • Manpower HR challenges as headcount increases
  • Monitoring tool licensing and renewing
  • Monitoring tool customization and configuration
  • Best practices processes deployment and management
  • Complex hybrid IT infrastructures

Effective monitoring of IT infrastructure requires extensive knowledge of both the tools and service operations. It is important that you collect all the necessary data and more importantly analyse it in an efficient and effective manner.

Syndrome NOC services allows you to off load your IT Infrastructure management tasks to us, so you can focus on your core business competencies. We have a trained, certified and equipped NOC team to attend and solve the most demanding technical issues 24*7.We, at Syndrome monitor the following IT Infrastructure setups:

  • Network Monitoring - LAN, WAN& Wireless
  • Security Monitoring - Firewalls and Policies
  • Server and Storage Monitoring
  • Virtualization Monitoring
  • Datacentre Monitoring

Benefits of Syndrome's NOC Services:

  • Proactive Monitoring, for immediate action and maintaining better uptime
  • Improved user experience by remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Reduced operation cost
  • Improved IT performance

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