In the last 2 or 3 decades, there has been a rising trend in Project Financing as a tool for economic growth and investment. Project Financing helps projects to structure around its own operating cash flow and assets, without any additional sponsor guarantees. Project Finance is also used to finance new investment.

This Project Financing technique alleviates the investment risks associated with a project and raise finances at a comparably lower cost to evenly benefit both the sponsor as well as investor.Project Financing plays a crucial role in funding big projects, as it fills the gap between the loan seeker and the loan giver.

  • Advising our clients on the optimum financial assistance to seek, and prepare their project financial models.
  • Assistance in facilitating financial assistance to accelerate the entire process.
  • Assistance in compiling financial documents of the project.
  • Eliminates the lender's recourse to the sponsors.
  • Maximizes the leverage of a project.
  • Avoid negative impact of a project on the sponsors' credit standing.
  • Obtain better financial conditions when project's credit risk is better than the sponsors' credit standing.
  • Obtain better tax treatment for the project and/or sponsors.

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