Across the industry, the nature of IT support and maintenance has been evolving gradually. We at Syndrome, believe in maintaining and delivering the highest standards. Benefitting out of Syndrome's support and services team, you will have the primary opportunity to make a great impact in your organization and the business industry outside.

Syndrome's world-class STAC (Syndrome Technical Assistance Centre) team assists and supports you in every form to stay at the forefront. We are committed to facilitating your business in reaching new pinnacles in the industry.


Syndrome Care

Syndrome Technical Assistance Centre (STAC) provides a direct 24x7 worldwide support, 365 days a year. All support cases at STAC are escalated to highly-skilled engineers and problem-resolution support. We assure diagnosis within one hour with our support engineering teams available both onsite and remotely.


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Service Desk Management

Syndrome is proud to have the industry's leading service and support program. Our support service deskboasts of STAC or Syndrome Technical Assistance Centre that provides flexible and easily accessible 24x7x365 highly-skilled diagnosis service and support.


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NOC Management

NOC services at Syndrome allow you to off load your IT Infrastructure management tasks to us, so you can focus on your core business competencies. Ourtrained, certified and equipped NOC team, has extensive knowledge of both the tools and service operationsto attend and solve the most demanding technical issues 24*7.


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